Going to the Australian Reptile Park

As part of my website, I am going to go make a video about Tasmanian devils at the Australian Reptile Park. Here is a list of things that I need to Ask in the video:

  1. What is DFTD?
  2. How does DFTD spread?
  3. Can DFTD spread to humans?
  4. Is there a known cure?
  5. What do you think are the best conditions the Tasmanian devils can thrive in?
  6. Can I hold a Tasmanian Devil?

Donation Updates

I connected WordPress to Stripe which is a payment collection service, and I have put Aussie Ark’s account number in Stripe. I am now using the GiveWP WordPress Plugin instead of Smart donations because Smart Donations was difficult to use. I am also using Stripe instead of Paypal because Paypal was also difficult to set up and use. Also, Stripe allowed me to directly send funds to Aussie Ark’s bank account as a one step process, which is better than Paypal because in Paypal Giving Fund, the money would only be sent once a month to Aussie Ark.I need to inform Aussie Ark that I am going to be depositing donations into their bank account directly.


In the future I might consider creating a Facebook page to help share information from the website. I don’t currently have a Facebook account so I don’t have any Facebook contacts.

I might set it up later after building the website because the website isn’t fully functional and it wouldn’t be right to show hundreds of people a website that doesn’t work properly.

Setting an email address for savethetasmaniandevils.com

My account is on my family’s Office 365 email.

To add an email address for myself on the new domain, I need to request:

  1. add Office 365 records for savethetasmaniandevils.com to WordPress Domain records.
  2. create an alias for my address savethetasmaniandevils.com and make it the primary address for my mailbox.

After this, all emails to my savethetasmaniandevils.com email address will go to my normal mailbox and any emails that I send will come from this new address.

UPDATE: I have requested this and it has been completed. I now have an email address for savethetasmaniandevils.com.

Donating to Aussie Ark

I need to make sure that all donations go to Aussie Ark.

However I also need to be able to track the donations that people make via my website. The problem is that I don’t have a bank account.

Since Aussie Ark is a charity, I have chosen to create a Stripe account which will deposit donations directly into Aussie Ark’s bank account.

This way, Aussie Ark will receive 100% of all of the money that people donate on my website, and I will be able to track how much in donations I was able to encourage people to make.

Changing the theme

This was my original theme.

I started with a theme called Maywood but the layout wasn’t to my standards. Next, I tried ‘Twenty Nineteen’ but the font was hard to read, so I finally decided on Exford, where the font was readable and for my GAT diary, the featured picture was underneath the heading.

This was the 2019 theme.
This was my Exford preview
This was me activating the theme.

Displaying News from Aussie Ark

I wanted to use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to make it easier for all of the stories to transfer onto my website. I found the RSS feed at http://www.aussieark.org.au/feed/.

I had to use the Business plan for WordPress to make it work. My grandmother donated the money for this. She had always been excited to be the very first person to make a donation.

GAT Proposal

I have chosen to make a website to raise awareness about Tasmanian Devils as their numbers are going down and lots of people don’t know about them. I chose this topic because not many people know about Tasmanian Devils and I want to prove that they aren’t what their name describes them.

Tasmanian Devil

I already know that Tasmanian Devils are on the brink of extinction from the tumour disease (facial cancer). The Devils may die out if an effort to save them isn’t made. They are also vital to the native Tasmanian ecosystem. This is so because a dead animal for instance, a Tasmanian quoll, would take months to rot away on its own. however, a Tasmanian Devil would eat the carrion to the bone , making it less hungry and the environment less smelly!

Tasmanian Devils cleans the environment by eating carrion

Through this website, I hope to teach about the Tasmanian Devils and raise enough money to fund Tasmanian Devil breeding or rehabilitation programs.