Donation Updates

I connected WordPress to Stripe which is a payment collection service, and I have put Aussie Ark’s account number in Stripe. I am now using the GiveWP WordPress Plugin instead of Smart donations because Smart Donations was difficult to use. I am also using Stripe instead of Paypal because Paypal was also difficult to setContinue reading “Donation Updates”

Setting an email address for

My account is on my family’s Office 365 email. To add an email address for myself on the new domain, I need to request: add Office 365 records for to WordPress Domain records. create an alias for my address and make it the primary address for my mailbox. After this, all emails toContinue reading “Setting an email address for”

Displaying News from Aussie Ark

I wanted to use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to make it easier for all of the stories to transfer onto my website. I found the RSS feed at I had to use the Business plan for WordPress to make it work. My grandmother donated the money for this. She had always been excited toContinue reading “Displaying News from Aussie Ark”