GAT Proposal

I have chosen to make a website to raise awareness about Tasmanian Devils as their numbers are going down and lots of people don’t know about them. I chose this topic because not many people know about Tasmanian Devils and I want to prove that they aren’t what their name describes them.

Tasmanian Devil

I already know that Tasmanian Devils are on the brink of extinction from the tumour disease (facial cancer). The Devils may die out if an effort to save them isn’t made. They are also vital to the native Tasmanian ecosystem. This is so because a dead animal for instance, a Tasmanian quoll, would take months to rot away on its own. however, a Tasmanian Devil would eat the carrion to the bone , making it less hungry and the environment less smelly!

Tasmanian Devils cleans the environment by eating carrion

Through this website, I hope to teach about the Tasmanian Devils and raise enough money to fund Tasmanian Devil breeding or rehabilitation programs.

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  1. Love this great initiative of yours.
    Will be checking out your website to get updates.
    All the best!

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